Sunday, June 15, 2008

My purse

Last night as I was blogging & reading other blogs that mean so much to me, Danny asked if I'd blogged about my purse. HMMM... funny question, I mean I love my purse , but enough to blog about it?
I rolled my eyes & went on reading the other blogs. I went to a blog, that I have been following for quite some time. It's a wonderfully God fearing lady who has been through so much & I feel like we're best friends. One of her latest blogs just happen to have a pic of her Coach bag. Now, this caught my attention.
You see, I've been wanting a Coach purse for a long time. I've wanted one every Christmas & birthday for the past few years. My problem was I couldn't find one that I wanted badly enough to pay that much money for.
For Mother's Day & my birthday, Danny gave me money to spend however I want. I was having trouble finding clothes that fitted me, were my style, etc. I was walking through the mall alone one day & stopped in Coach. I fell in love w/ their new line of bags.
Long story short, I am now the proud owner of a Coach bag!
Her entry wasn't about showing off her new bag, but about sacrifices & a lesson God put in front of her for her 3 little girls.
Something she said really made me think. She said that she knows God cares more about her & how she lives her life than what kind of purse she carries. She doesn't believe owning a Coach bag makes her less of a Christian, nor does it make her a better one.
I love my new bag, it's so cute, so pink, & mine. I don't have to share it w/ diapers, Hot Wheels, & sippy cups. I get it all to myself. That is nice, but what was better was the reality check of her blog.
So, in short I got a new purse! HAHA

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We've adopted!

OK, so maybe that title is a little misleading. But, we have adopted... we adopted a soldier. I am so excited!!
He is stationed in Kuwait & I will be his 'angel' during his deployment.
He has emailed me once to thank me for caring enough to sign up for this. I emailed him back, have written a small letter & sent him a package.
His care package isn't much, b/c I'm not really sure what all he likes, wants, & needs. I sent some trail mix, baby wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, raisins, tissues, gum, & some other misc items.
I also sent a little survey that asks all kinds of questions about himself & what he has access to & likes. I had downloaded it from the site I signed up for.
I had been looking for a way to pen pal & support our troops that were over seas. Every outreach I found allowed me to send packages or make donations, but none allowed me to know my soldier. I believe w/ all my heart that God has lead me to him. It's exactly what I need to keep me busy & my mind off babies.
I'm also so excited that I can be his prayer warrior! That makes me happy knowing that I'm committing to pray for him every chance I get to go before the Lord. That is so humbling!
I checked the temp in Kuwait for tomorrow & it's going to be 106! SHEWWW.... I guess I have less to complain about than I thought.
If anyone would like to get involved w/ this outreach, please email me. I'd love to share the details w/ you. Also, if you can't commit to sending care packages, they need people to write letters to the troop while they wait to be adopted.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Long time, no blog....

So as usual, it's been awhile since my last blog. I have so much in my head I want to say, to document, to remember.... it's fleeting & I find it hard to put pen to paper (if you will).
On May 21st we should have been celebrating a very exciting time in our lives. In a perfect world we'd be in the hospital w/ our new baby. Instead it was a very sad day for us. Danny stayed home w/ Davis & me, which was really nice. A very dear sweet friend ordered a beautiful peace lily from a local florist for us.
That potted plant was exactly what I needed. When someone asks me how they can be praying for me, which I think is one of the sweetest questions anyone can ask, I ask that they pray for our peace. Peace w/ possibly having only 1 child, peace w/ the fertility options laid out in front of us, & peace w/ the option of adopting.
My hardest days are when some unknowing excited friend or neighbor announces so happily that that are having a baby. I smile & try to remember to say 'congrats', but leave feeling sad.
I'm trying my hardest to be patient, find peace, & work through these issues. I can say that I am so happy for my friends who are pregnant. I love to share in their joy & can't wait to meet the babies. It's just hard when the news is broken to me. Once I have time to process the info & have a good cry, I'm OK.
Hopefully the next entry won't be so far between.... Till then