Sunday, December 30, 2007

Still No Plans....

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve & we still don't have plans... makes me feel old. Something may or may not come up. We might just do dinner & after we put Davis down watch a movie. I'm just a bit bummed.
I just realized I never blogged about what Santa brought for little D. Well, his big gift was a Powerwheels Artic Cat. He calls it his green truck. Under the tree w/ a Little People Nativity set that he wanted. It was something Danny & I were wanting, but didn't know where to find one. Thank you Santa!
In his stocking was candy, a Thomas umbrella, paint brushes, Little Einstein's tootbrush, Shrek toothpaste, Giggling Troublesome trucks (Thomas train), Billy (Thomas train), The Letter Factory DVD, & bubble bath. He was so excited. It was a lot of fun. I asked him that night during when we were 'talking 'bout it' what his favorite thing from Santa was & he said "twouble trucks". Hmmm..... maybe Santa would have saved the effort on the big Artic Cat if he knew that. HAHA


Saturday, December 29, 2007

I wanna talk 'bout it....

Every night after Davis' bath & he's in bed, I lay with him for a few minutes. This time is so precious. All I can think about is how I know that this will one day end. He won't even want me in his room, much less snuggle time. I really enjoy these quite moments in the dark with him.
During this time, every night, he sits up & says "I wanna talk 'bout it". I ask the same question night after night "What do you want to talk about". Depending on what we did that day, the answers vary. The most popular answers are Santa, Nana, Thomas, & monsters. We talk about our day & it's so nice.
I want to hold on to these moments as long as I can. He's such a sweet boy & he's growing up so fast.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas... It's over

I just can't believe Christmas came & went already.
We had such a good time with friends & family that I'm sad to see it over.
Davis got so many goodies & ate so much junk, I'm sure he's just as upset that veggies are being put on his plate again!
On Thursday the 20th we had our 2nd Annual Christmas lunch/party with Lynn & Maddie. Max was sick, so he stayed home w/ Daddy. Davis got a real cool Pirate ship from Max & Maddie. Lynn got him "favorite" (as Davis calls them) green Thomas pjs & a wooden puzzle.
On Friday the 21st we had Lisa & Spencer over & went out to lunch w/ them. Davis got a semi truck that carries smaller trucks. He just loves anything w/ wheels.
Saturday, we went to Grandpa & GJ's. Boy, did Davis get some toys. Grandpa & GJ got him a drum set & My First Craftsman work bench. Aunt Cheryl got him a drum set, too. I guess Davis is destined to be a drummer like Daddy. Granny got him a pair of jeans, a shirt, & the Fisher Price Star Station Karoke set. G3 (Great Grandma Grace) got him a firetruck wooden puzzle that is 4 ft long. Too cool.
Sunday, we had Christmas at Nana & Papaw's. They got Davis a Leap Frog ClickStart computer game system, UofL Adidas warm up suit, & chicken dance Elmo. Kikky got him 'Cars' game for system. Uncle Jacob got him 'Dora' game for the system. Christopher got him a weasel that chasses a ball & Alex got him a motorcycle w/ a man on it. Davis just loved opening his presents & seeing all the cool stuff.
Monday night was Christmas Eve & we went to the annual Moran Christmas party. This year it was at Aunt Cissy's new house. Aunt Diane & Uncle Freddie got Davis a Firetruck flashlight, the Britt's got him the same thing. Too funny! Jason & Dani got him 'Red' the firetruck from 'Cars'. The Payton's got him Lightning McQueen. Uncle Scotty & Aunt Lucy got him a DQ gift card. Kikky brought him a Snoppy on a motorcycle. Oh & don't forget that Nana & Papaw got him some new pjs to wear on Christmas Eve.

WHEWWW... a lot of stuff.... not to mention Santa came on Tuesday morning.

I'll have to come back & post more.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Big boy bed... well kinda!

Tonight we decided to move Davis to a "big boy" bed. On Thursday he decided to climb into his crib, which wasn't that unusual. Then he should scaled right back down it like he was a monkey. He did it again on Friday after his nap. Then we woke up this morning & he was in our room. He said "I'm up, b/c I'm big". It was too funny.
Danny was really concerned he'd get hurt. Our crib converts to a toddler bed, so Danny exchanged the railings tonight.
Davis did get up one time. Danny calmly put him back & said he'd have to go back to the "baby bed" if he didn't stay in there. It must of worked!

As for me.... I took my last pill of prometrium & no af. I'm not sure what to do next. It seems time is running out to get preg before the surgery. I'm going to call Dr Buck on Monday & see what he or Rachel suggest.

We got our Christmas card back & I've been trying to get them all mailed out. I can't access my address book, so it's kinda hard to remember or find all my addresses. I sure hope I'm not forgetting anyone.

We went to the mall today & Davis had his pic made w/ Santa. He told Santa he wanted a big green truck.... hmmm I guess he might get that!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Something to look forward to

OK, so as I sat in church yesterday I had this bright idea.... My RE wants to do the L & H surgery in January, but needs to get my cycle going before then. So, I started taking Prometrium yesterday. To me it was just a wasted cycle. I can't get preg w/o clomid. I thought, what if Dr Buck or Rachel (OB/Gyn & his PA) would give me clomid this cycle since I didn't O last cycle.
I gave it a shot & called. Rachel called me back & agreed there is no reason for me to have to just wait before having the surgery & called me in some clomid. I'm so excited!
Now I have something to look forward to. I want my cycle to hurry & start, so I can take the clomid.
Wouldn't it just be great if I could get preg again before the surgery???

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Feeling Yucky

Sometimes I just don't think it'll end.
I go to bed tired, wake up tired, & spend my day tired.
I'm quesy if I eat, I'm quesy if I don't.
PCOS just doesn't give up. I'm beyond sick of it. I'd like to have a day where PCOS doesn't control me. I don't have to take meds, worry if I'll ever have another baby, cover my acne, or struggle w/ my size.

On a lighter note. Davis went to a birthday party at King Pin lanes today. He had so much fun. Daddy took him & both went on & on about how fun it was. We'll have to take Davis bowling one day when it's not so busy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Bad Day

It's been almost 2 months since I lost my baby. Sure doesn't feel that long ago.
For the 1st month I cried every single day. I cried for so many reasons. I cried b/c I wanted this baby so badly. I cried b/c I had to face people. I cried b/c I didn't know what else to do.
Now, my tears are not so often. However, not a day goes by that I don't think of baby Sam. Sam, that's what we call our baby. We weren't sure if we had a boy or a girl & Sam just fit.
Remember Hannah? She prayed that God would open her womb, he did. She named her son Samuel. How fitting.
Tonight was hard. I don't know why. I never know why. Some days are just harder than others. Today was one of those days.
I heard from my RE (fertiltiy Doc) today. All my labs came back negative. That's a good thing. The next step is surgery. It's a 2 part surgery.