Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't call CPS!

This is why I can't leave Daddy & Davis alone while I go to Kroger.
I was at Kroger for my weekly shopping trip tonight & I got this picture sent to my phone.
Hang up the phone, don't call CPS..... yet!
The cut on the eye was from Monday when Davis & Max were playing Better Batter Baseball & Davis got hit in the eye w/ a bat.
The blood & the nose.... I'm still not sure what happened. But there is not cuts or scraps, so all is well.
Nonetheless...... not a good pic for Momma to receive while at Kroger!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby girl E

Today we went back to the Dr & had a wonderful visit. We got another ultrasound & anatomy scan.
I am so thankful to announce that baby girl is wonderfully healthy! They checked her kidneys, heart, brain, & everything in between. Things are developing & working as they should be.
She is in the 20 percentile at this stage, so we're expecting a little one, but may be surprised as she gets bigger & bigger over the next few weeks.
Danny & I have narrowed names down to 2, but are leaning closer to 1 over the other. That's an improvement over the past few weeks!! HAHA
Here are some pics from today's visit. She is just darling & we can't wait to meet her!
We have 18 weeks & 2 days left, but who's counting?!?