Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas & bedtime

OH, so it's officially come & gone.  Christmas!  
We had a wonderful time visiting w/ friends & family this past week.  
Looking back at Christmas 2008, I can truly say we had a wonderful Christmas!  Davis received everything he asked for (except Wild Banchee, he was unable to be found), Daddy got tons of clothes, I received my laptop & a few wonderful unexpected gifts, & we were able to give gifts to the ones we loved.  But, most importantly we had a great time w/, my family & the Barnes family.  We were able to catch up & let Davis know his cousins a little better.  
I am so thankful for our family, friends, all we have, but most importantly I am so very thankful for Jesus!  I'm thankful that Jesus loves me right where I am!  I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not or change the world to be something it's just not.  I can believe in Santa, carry a Coach purse, & watch Grey's Anantomy, & still be loved by Jesus!  
Right now it's bedtime in the Barnes' house.  Davis is asleep.  Once 5 pm hits, this is the time of day I look forward to.  This is 'me time'.  I get so exhausted & can't wait for bedtime for Davis.  So, I can catch up on tv, blog, or play wii.  Once I know he's asleep, I go in & check on him.  He looks so sweet asleep & then I start missing him.  I miss loving on him, playing games, learning new songs, the endless questions of 'why', & waiting for the next funny thing he'll say.  I can't wait to spend another day w/ him..... and then I'll get some me time again!

Oh, one more thing.... this picture is one of my failed attempts at our Christmas card this year.  We were trying to get Davis, Bowie, & Annabelle in the pic.  For some reason our Annabelle wanted to play more than she wanted to have her picture made!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Musical

Last weekend was the annual Christmas musical at our church.  This year it was a joint effort with the choir, praise team, youth, & children's choir.  It was up in the air for awhile whether the cubbies (3 & 4 year olds) would even get to sing.  Well, they did (sort of) & I have pics to prove it!  There were 2 performances, one on Saturday night & one on Sunday night.  To me, the 2nd night went off much smoother.  I think the kiddos even had fun.
The 1st pic is from Sunday night.  It really looks like he was singing his little heart out.  In reality, I think he was asking for candy or Spencer!  That's the only way I could get him up there & to participate w/o using his candle as a weapon (gun, light saber, you name it).
The other 2 are from Saturday.  He looked handsome, but was a bit overwhelmed w/ the people & the singing!  

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas With Friends

Last Friday Davis had 2 friends over to celebrate Christmas with him.  
Nora & Spencer came over & they made their own pizzas, made cookies w/ sprinkles, played, played, & played.
They had so much fun & were really good kids.  We may have to try this again.  
Here are some pics from the night.  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

One of my favorite bloggers is encouraging her readers to start a 'Not Me! Monday'.    This is an opportunity to be brutally honest, show our imperfections in an inperfect world.  So, here goes what I DID NOT do this week!
I DID NOT skip naptime for my 3 year old, so I could get some Christmas shopping done at the mall today.

I DID NOT dread w/ every ounce of my being going to the second night of the Christmas program at church last night!  Watching Davis sing (dance, use the candle as a light saber, choke Parker, etc) was more than I wanted to bear.  However, it turned out great & I left full.

I DID NOT feed Davis 'sneaky ice cream' that I made & convince it him was actually a treat.  Seriously, the best cookbook I own is 'The Sneaky Chef'.

I DID NOT break off a piece of wooden spoon in said ice cream & unknowingly give it to my 3 year old.
I DID NOT blow up my blender making this sneaky ice cream I speak of.  NOT ME!

I DID NOT even consider searching Danny's closet for my Christmas presents while he slept.

I DID NOT send my son to time out w/o even getting my lazy behind off the couch.

I DID NOT lie to my dear sweet husband about why I went to the mall today & what I bought.  HEY, he'll figure it out on Christmas morning, right?

I DID NOT make a hundred excuses why I can't use the eliptical machine this week.  I DID NOT use it a total of 0 times!

I DID NOT just blog about all my sins of the week.

Free Redbox rentals

There's not a whole lot going on in the Barnes' house right now.  I do want to share about Davis' Christmas program & post pics when I figure out how to get them on the laptop.  
However, I do want to share this info I stumbled on today.  Redbox is giving away free rentals at Wal-Mart on the next 3 Sundays.  When you go just use the following codes.

12/21/08 - 11MOMS4UN 

12/28/08 - 11MOMS4UT 

01/04/09 - 11MOMS4UA

Friday, December 12, 2008


I just figured this 'twitter' business out a week or so ago... now I just figured out how to add it to my blog!  Feel free to follow me & if you twitter, I'd love to follow you!  
Davis had friends over tonight to play.  He invited Nora, Spencer, & Amelia (she couldn't make it) & they are having a grand old time!  They made homemade pizzas & then make sugar cookies. Spencer just left & Nora & Davis are still playing.  I'll get some pictures posted once my house calms down.