Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where we are now.

I went to my post-op appt with Dr Homm on Monday. It appears everything is fine since the surgery. He didn't want to talk about the injections again b/c he needs a semen analyst from Danny before going any farther. If there is a prob there, then he would want to talk about IUI instead of shots.
I left completely stressed. I was upset w/ Danny for not getting this done sooner. I was upset w/ myself for not encouraging him to do it.
He is getting it done this week & things are going to be fine. When I left the office I just saw months passing by w/o getting preg! Now, I'm feeling better. I'm confident the s/a will be ok & we can move on to the follistim injections.
Before the surgery I wanted to get started back on running, but once I had the surgery I lost interest in it & everything. I'm feeling so much better now. I am excited to be back to myself again! YAH for me!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

If it's not one thing..... (ya know the rest)

As soon as I started feeling better from the surgery, I'm hit w/ this awful cold. My fever & body aches started last night. The fever finally broke this eveing.
Davis went over to Nana & Papaw's b/c Daddy had a stomach bug. I just pray that little D doesn't get sick from us.
Danny went over to the store & bought things to sanitize the house. We bought some Febreeze anti-microbial, Clorox wipes, & more hand gel. I think we've cleaned the house of our bugs & will be ready for Davis to come home tomorrow.

On a happy note........ After my surgery I had some light spotting which I was told was normal. Then on Thursday AF came. I called Dr Homm to verify that I could consider this cycle day 1. They confirmed that I could, but no clomid or injections this round. They said my body needs 1 full cycle to heal before starting more meds. However, I can still ttc on my own. WOW, this is such good news for us. I've never had a normal cycle w/o clomid. We pray that we get our miracle & have an October baby this year. Please be in prayer for us this month!

Friday, January 11, 2008


I woke up at 3am this morning. I was able to walk down the hall on my own. This was a good sign b/c Danny had been assisting me in getting in & out of bed. I went to the fridge to get a water, but once I made it back to my bed the pain began. It was so bad, I wasn't able to get into bed. I called for Danny & he helped me into bed, gave me my vicodin & layed w/ me. The pain did not cease. He got in the shower & I called Dr Homm's office. The answering machine gave a pager # for emergency use only. I felt this was an emergency.
I called the pager & left my #. After 20 mins, no one had called back. I paged again & waited. My pain was only getting worse. I called Lynn to see if Whitney (she's a nanny & her boss is a high risk ob/gyn) had left for work yet. Lynn gave me Whitney's cell #. She was comforting and asked me to call Jewish Hospital for instructions.
Once I got Jewish on the phone, Kit Devine (Dr Homm's PA) beeped in. She told me to take 2 vicodin as needed. If that didn't help, to give her a call.
Gotta love the vicodin! I felt much better, but spent the rest of the day in bed.
I did get up around 5 for a bit. Danny had to run to Wal-Mart & I felt Davis & I would be OK long enough for him to go. Well, with everything that was going on, Bowie decided to jump into my lap (he's 65 lbs) & start having a seizure. The pain began again. All I could do was push him in the floor. I felt bad for the poor little dog, but what else was I to do?

I've got pics to post of my ovaries.... hopefully, I'll get those up tomorrow.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 1- Surgery Day

Today is the day of my surgery. Not as nervous as I thought I'd be. I'm more worried about Davis & how he's going to do today w/ Granny.
We get to Jewish East at 9:30 am. I end up waiting out in the lobby for over a hour to be called back for prep. During that time I was getting nervous, b/c I thought they had forgot about me.
When they did finally call me back, they took me to this fancy hotel like room. It was so nice. It had shiny hardwoood floors, a private bath w/ shower, a flatscreen tv, a closet, & my own phone.
They went through the basic medical questions & got me changed. They had to do a blood test to check for pregnancy (standard precedure) before starting the surgery. The nurse couldn't get the needle in, so they asked the anesthesioliogist to do it. He tried 4 times in my left hand & then moved on to my right hand. He ended up giving me a shot to numb my right hand, so he could poke around some more. Eventually, he got the blood & started my IVS.
They then called Danny & my Nanny into the room. It wasn't long that I was taken back into surgery. I don't remember much about that. I remember being moved onto the operating table & then I was out.
When I woke up from surgery in the recovery room, I was in so much pain. They gave me a shot of something & it helped. I then was sent back to my original room. Surgery lasted longer than expected 1 1/2 hours to be exact.
Dr Homm found that my left ovary was not in the correct position. It was pretty high up & over to my side. Plus, it was in a sac. So, if I did ovulate, it wouldn't do me any good.
I got a little sick after I came out of surgery. What else is new? I just don't think I do well on pain meds.
I came home & went to bed!

I went back & dated the next few entries on the date they happened, to keep the events straight in my head. I'll be posting more on my recovery in the next few posts.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Less than a week away....

I went to the RE (fertiltiy specialist) today for my pre-op appt. Everything was fine, they took blood to see if I'm preg (I'm not) & talked with me about the surgery. So, I'm less than a week away of having this done. I'm excited to have it over & get back to ttc, but nervous at the same time. They have me a RX for vicadin & some phenadran in case I get sick.
Time doesn't go by any faster than it does to a women ttc. Weeks turn into months & months turn into years so quickly. It really makes me sad to think about it.
Davis is so funny. The past few months he's had an imaginary friend/monster. He has made him up all by himself. I haven't suggested or lead him to do this. This is what I know about the monster.... his name is Head.... he's blue....he's bigger than Mommy, but not as big as Danny.... he's friendly..... he sleeps in the floor... he can drive & his car is green.... he likes strawberry Pop Tarts.
He loves monsters. I'm not sure if it's b/c of the movie Monster's Inc or what. But, since Halloween he has a love for monsters. Really funny kid!
The picture above is of Davis & Papaw on December 23 at church. He sure does love his Papaw.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Clomid- the gateway drug.


They say that pot is the gateway drug to bigger, stronger street drugs.
In my world, clomid is the gateway drug to bigger, stronger RX drugs for infertiltiy. I still can't believe my clomid days are over. I conceived twice while taking, so I do have a soft spot for it.
There are so many side effects, that my RE doesn't want me to take it too long. One side effect that I've noticed is blury vision. It comes & goes, but I know people who share the same story & side effects. The longer I'm off it, the better it gets.
I go in on Friday for my pre-op for the L & H surgery. I'm nervous, but ready to get it done & start injections. I wasn't sure how to pray. Should I pray for everything to be OK? Should I pray for them to find something & 'fix' the prob? I've decided to just pray as I always do.......Dear God, allow me to become pregnant & carry my baby full term. Allow my baby to be healthy!
Sometime this month I'll start my follistim injections. FUN stuff here. I'm dreading giving myself a shot everyday & hope Danny will be able to do it. We're so excited b/c we did find out that insurance covers the injections. That's always good news. We will have out of pocket expenses for the surgery & we won't know how much till it's over.
Danny, Davis, & I didn't do too much for New Year's Eve. We just stayed in & had a quite night. It was relaxing, but I will say I miss being out w/ friends.