Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at 2009

Here is a look back at my life in 2009!

We rang in the new year with our friends the Knights. Brian, Heather, Nora, & 2 week old Evan watched the ball drop together. We had dinner at Shogun & then back to our house for cards.

Danny & I celebrated our 6th year of marriage. We celebrated w/ a night out. We had dinner at Bonefish & then to a movie.

Also, in January~ We decided to pursue fertility treatments with a Doctor in Cincinnati.

We had our first visit to the fertility Doctor in Cinci. Dr. S told us our chances of conceiving were high. We made plans to continue on & have the IUI.

We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family. We made a fondue style dinner at home that included a yummy chocolate dessert.

We headed back to Cinci as my cycle had begun. They did an ultrasound to see what my starting point was & I started taking the injections.

Back to Cinci for another ultrasound in hopes the shots had worked. They found 3 follicles (eggs) growing. One was larger than the others.

We went back to Cinci to check the progress of my precious eggs! There were only 1 left, but it looked perfect. Dr. S wanted to go ahead with the IUI. He said that if this cycle didn't work we'd increase the injections for next month.

Insemination Day!! We went back to Cinci, this time w/ Granny & Davis. We had the IUI & then spent the day in Cincinnati trying to act normal!

My baby boy turned 4! I couldn't believe it had been 4 years!! We celebrated his birthday by having a Super Hero party at Incredible Dave's. It was a wonderful day.

I cheated & tested a few days early! It was a slight positive. I couldn't wait to share with Danny, but we were both skeptical.

Went for blood work & pregnancy was confirmed! We were ecstatic.

More blood work.... my beta was growing!

Our family piled in the mini van & headed to Virginia/DC to visit Danny's cousin & his family. This was Davis' 1st official spring break!

We went back to see Dr. S & do a 'head count' on our little bean. He counted 1, but things looked great!

It's Derby Day. Danny & Davis went to a party at a friend's. I stayed home very sick. Pregnancy finally felt real & I was so happy.

We traveled to Eastern KY for my cousin's wedding. Davis was the cutest ring bearer!

Our baby who is in heaven would have been 1! I made cupcakes in his honor.

I turned 30! Danny had a little party for me with some friends of ours. It was a great surprise & a lot of fun!

Also, in May.... Danny & coached our youth's softball team again. We hadn't done this in a couple years & it was a lot of fun.
Davis started his 2nd season of t-ball. We saw so many improvements in his abilities, but I'm afraid he's not a big fan of the game!!

We went camping w/ the Holloways. This was our first experience as a family with tent camping. I was pregnant & morning sickness was no fun in great outdoors. We had a blast & hope to do it again this year.

We took Davis to see Thomas for the 3rd year in a row. As always, he enjoys this tradition.

Also, in June.... We found out we were expecting a baby girl. I was shocked!

We went to French Lick Indiana to the KMHI Hall of Fame dinner & presentation. Kreil was being inducted & this was an honor for him & our family.

Danny turned 39!

In August things started to settle down. We enjoyed our tradition of going to the fair & had a wonderful time. The state fair is something our family looks forward to each year.
Davis started playing soccer for the YMCA. He had fun & seemed to enjoy it.

Davis started his 2nd & last year of preschool. He was a bit nervous, but had no problems starting the year out right.

Davis starting taking Tae Kwon Do. He was so excited & wanted to start the day we went for the visit. They make it so much fun there.

We went to Yogi Bear for a Halloween camping treat. We went w/ the Knights & Holloways. Everyone had so much fun, this is sure to be a annual tradition. We spent 2 nights in cute little cabins.

We continued our tradition of pumpkin picking at Huber's. Davis talks about this all year!

H1N1 hit the Barnes home. Davis had it, but it was diagnosed early & he had no complications.

We celebrated Halloween. Davis dressed up as Darth Vader! He's growing up so fast!

Davis went to the dentist for the 1st time. He did better than I could have imagined. We got a great report from Dr Nathan! No cavities!

Our baby girl was born 17 days early. What a surprise & blessing.

Eliza & I came home from the hospital to start our lives as a family of 4.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my Nanny & Kreil's. We had a lot to be thankful for.

Eliza went to see the pediatric cardiologist. Our pediatrician had detected a heart murmur. She received great news. It's an innocent murmur & she'll grow out of it.

Davis was in our church's children's musical. This year he not only sang songs, but played a shepherd. I was so proud.

We celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ at home together!

We went out with the Petri Crew for dinner & some Incredible Dave's with the kiddos. We had a great time & was home early.

I didn't even post all we did & the places we went! We had a great year & made many memories.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not A Creature Was Stirring...

Not a creature was stirring.... not even Davis & Eliza.
Here are my babies sound asleep on Christmas Eve in hopes that St Nicholas would soon be there!

Side note~ Yes, I'm very aware that I posted 3 times in 1 night... I had some catching up to do!! I hope to get 2 post in tomorrow to make up for lost time!

Christmas Eve...

Every year on Christmas Eve we spend it with the Morans.
This year Dana was gracious enough to host & the kids loved it! It was such a nice relaxing evening spent with my family.
This is a family where other than the 2 children I gave birth to & Geri, there are no blood relation. This is a family that has never made me, my husband, or my children feel we are any less than family. They love us unconditionally, even when we're unlovable! Now, that's family!

Picture with Santa

Somehow this season just flew by! I thought I had it all together & was ready for Christmas.... then I blinked! It was Christmas Eve & I had not only had my son's annual picture with Santa taken, but I hadn't documented Eliza's 1st Christmas w/ her picture w/ Santa.
I had so many things to do & didn't want to venture out in the cold winter air to fight all the crazy people at the mall on Christmas Eve. But, would it matter in 20 years? Would I remember that or would I just remember not having my kids pictures made?
I know me.... I know how I beat myself up.... I know how I want to document our lives together. Out the door we went! Luckily, Danny was able to help me w/ some errands & met us at the mall. It turned out to be a nice morning & relaxing time watching the 'crazy' people scramble for their last minute gifts, while we were finished, just wanting a picture w/ good Ole' Saint Nick.
We may make Christmas Eve pictures w/ Santa a tradition!
Eliza was fussy & Davis was tired, so Super Daddy had to step in. All the while, Mommy pushed the stroller & snapped pictures!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday!~ Almost forgot!!

I was so excited to just being posting that I almost forgot it's Monday & that allows me to confess my sins of the week!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not forget not once.... not twice, but 3 times to put deodorant on this past week. If I had of, my husband would not have made me feel bad about it, either.

I did not on a regular basis forget when I had nursed my baby. Nope, it wasn't me entering times on my Blackberry to keep up with it all.

I did not let my 4 1/2 year old son play wii one morning, so I could get 15 more minutes of sleep. I would never do that.

I have not let Eliza go back to sleep on the Boppy in my bed at anytime. NOPE, I wouldn't do that.

OK, I think that's about it for this week. I'll save all my others for next week..... If I can make it back on here by then!!


This is Eliza ready for her first Cardinal basketball game! Can't you tell she's excited? We were hoping she'd bring us luck as her brother did when he wore this outfit (sans bow, of course), but no luck!
Davis was born during March Madness & he wore this sleeper for EVERY game that UofL played. I would have to rush to make sure the sleeper was clean b/c he had reflux & UofL would sometimes play on back to back nights. We thought he brought us luck because UofL went to the Final Four that year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Deja Vu

We've been making weekly appointments to the pediatrician to check Eliza's weight because she had yet to gain her birth weight back. We took these same weekly & bi weekly trips to see Dr Jill when Davis was born. I guess my babies just take awhile to get started.
At our last visit to see Dr Jill, our baby girl had not only gained her birth weight back, but passed it. I was so happy & knew I could rest more easily & not stress during every feeding.
While we were there, the Dr did discover a heart murmur on Eliza. I came home & called the same pediatric cardiologist that Davis sees & made an appointment for our baby girl.
This past Thursday we went & saw Dr. A. He is an amazing Dr & we're very lucky to have him take care of our children's hearts.
There were 3 things they found 'not normal' with Eliza's heart. The first thing was a tiny pin prick hole in her heart. Davis has... I mean had this, too! He grew out of his, as will Eliza.
The 2nd thing was what is actually making the murmur. It's false tendons. This, Davis also has! They both will grow out of it.
The 3rd is narrow valves. This condition is called Congenital Heart Disease. It sounds a lot worse than it is (in her case, anyway). This is something she will grow out of, probably in the next year.
We had a great visit & couldn't have asked for more. Everything is fine or will be in the next year or so. We go back for a follow up next December.
Oh, they weighed her & our baby girl is now 9 lbs!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love this song

A friend sent me this song & I just had to share.
It's so catchy, I can't stop singing it. LOL

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our 1st night home

Last night was our first night home from the hospital. I enjoyed our first night as family! It was nice to start a routine.
One thing that we did that Davis thought was 'super special' was lay in his bed w/ baby sister & read our books before bed.
He was so excited to share that time with Eliza. I was just as excited & thought it was too sweet. My problem was I am still very sore & it's hard for me to get in & out of his bed, but it was all worth it, as it always is!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

1st Bath

Tonight was Eliza's first bath.
Her reaction? It was the same as Davis'. He screamed & screamed! I cried & cried while he screamed. Eliza screamed & became just as upset, but I handled myself much better.

Busy Day

Today Ms Eliza was released from the hospital. I was ecstatic when I heard the news & was even more so when we walked in the door of our home.
The 1st picture is of her all dressed up in her going home outfit. I wish I'd gotten better pictures of the dress. It really is sweet. She's going to wear it again tomorrow to her 1st pediatricians appointment. I'll try again then.
The other picture is of her ride home. She looked so small in that big carrier.
The day included a few more 1st...... I'll share them later!
We had a great 1st day home & I look forward to our lives as a family of 4!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Update on baby Eliza

I was discharged from the hospital today, but have been able to board in a small room on the mother/baby floor. This has worked out nicely. I get to keep Eliza in my room & nurse on command.
They brought in this light blanket for me to use during nursing, so she'd get light therapy even when nursing on command. I am very thankful for that, as it gave her & me some much needed cuddle time w/o the guilt of her not getting the light therapy.
At 8pm tonight her wonderful nurses took her back to the nursery to have her blood levels checked for biliruben levels. It took 1 hour to get the results back & I prayed... as did many of my friends & family.
I waited as long as I could before calling the nursery. Since I'm now a boarder in the hospital, I'm trying to make friends & not appear pushy.
As usual, they were nothing but sweet & kind. Her levels went down! That meant they didn't have to call the Dr & she doesn't have to start double light therapy. They will test her again in the morning to verify it's continuing to go down.
I hung up & cried. I am so thankful! All day, Danny & I kept saying how grateful we are to have a healthy girl & this is our only problem. But, at the end of the day, it's still hard. It's emotionally draining. It's hard on my 4 year old, who doesn't understand why Mommy & Sissy can't come home.
Right now, Eliza is in the nursery for their standard 11 pm check. They do weight, temp, & a full body check. I'm once again praying & asking everyone to do the same that she has gained some weight. This morning she weighed 6 lbs & 12 ounces. She needs to gain weight or sustain to get to go home tomorrow.
We sooo want to go home!!! We need to go home!
I feel like the luckiest person in the world.
I couldn't ask for a better husband. He's worked so hard this week to take care of Davis, Eliza, & me. He's gotten little rest & his only complaint is that he wants to do more for us.
I have the sweetest little boy. I got to spend a couple hours w/ him this evening in the hospital, just the 4 of us. I was able to watch him w/ his sister. I was able to hold him & hear about his day & night w/ Spencer. It was much needed!
I have the sweetest baby girl who I can't believe how much in love with I am. She's so precious & I love bonding w/ her & looking into her eyes. I love that I see so much of Danny in her. It just melts my heart.
Tonight I'm tired & will try to get some sleep till Eliza comes back to eat.

Another day in the hospital

I woke up this morning excited w/ the thought of finally going home w/ my new baby girl.
Unfortunately, the Neonatologist came w/ bad news.
Eliza's biliruben levels increased & they are going to keep her at least 1 more day.
I had a little meltdown.
I want to see Davis.
I want to be a family of 4.
I want that alone time w/ Danny that we just haven't gotten this week.
I want to be in control again.
One of the sticky points right now is that the Dr on call started the release papers for me this morning. They are trying to reach my OB to see if she "wants" me to stay another night, so I can be w/ Eliza & have her in my room.
If not, then I will be considered a 'border'. If there are extra rooms available, I'll be a border in a room, but won't receive any meds from the hospital or be considered a patient. The benefit of this is so I can still have the baby w/ me in the room & nurse on demand to help rid her of the jaundice.
If they don't have available rooms on this floor, then I could be in a different part of the hospital . The bad part of that is that I won't be able to have her in my room or nurse in my room. I'll have to go to the nursery to see her & feed her.
I'm super emotional right now & cried when Davis called to check on me. I loved hearing his sweet voice!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Eliza has jaundice

Last night the nurse came in & woke us up to do a forehead test to check her biliruben levels. She tested high, so they took her to the nursery for some blood work.
The lab work came back this morning & she does have jaundice. The neonatologist ordered special uv lights for her & we have to take them home w/ us for 1 or 2 days.
Once we get her in there, she does fine, but she doesn't like the initial idea of laying there. I suspect she's cold b/c she has to be naked & then covered w/ blankets. The lights warm her up pretty quickly.

Davis is a big brother

Danny & I had a baby girl...... or so we thought.....
Davis has announced this is 'HIS' baby! He couldn't love her more! The sweetest times have been the short times we've been able to be just a family of 4. We can't wait to get home & start our lives together.

Introducing Eliza....

Our baby girl arrived!
Eliza Moran Barnes was born Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 10:18 pm.
This wasn't what was planned, but God had big things in store for us & we're very grateful!

I had started feeling bad & on Tuesday it became worse. I called & made an appointment w/ Dr W my family Dr. My appointment time was 4:30. Once I arrived & gave the nurse my symptoms (congestion, cough, body aches) & that I was 37 1/2 weeks pregnant! Dr W called my OB b/c he felt I needed to be at Labor & Delivery for a checkup, so they could monitor the baby as well.
I went home, so Danny could take me to the hospital & we made arrangements for Davis. Luckily, we grabbed the camera as we were pulling out of the driveway.
Once we arrived at the hospital, they started testing me for H1N1. I tested negative, so they wanted to run a full blood count to find out what was going on with me. While the nurses scrambled around to relieve my aches, I started having contractions.
We had a November 20 c-section scheduled, but our baby girl had different plans. While waiting on test results I went into labor!
The nurse announced "We're having a baby tonight" & started prepping Danny & me for surgery!
At 10:18 pm Eliza Moran Barnes was born!
She weighs 7 pounds & 9 oz. She is 19 inches long & so absolutely beautiful. She has a head full of black hair!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Sick boy

It all started Saturday.....
Davis just wasn't himself at soccer. It was soooo cold & I was sooo tired. I'll admit that I got frustrated w/ my little soccer player for not wanting to play. However, the trooper that he is... he jumped back on the field & played goalie. He did a great job & I was proud.
He did so well, we promised him ice cream. It was lunch time & Chick Fil A sounded good. Davis picked at his food. He went in to play at the indoor playground & after a few minutes came up to me & laid his head down. I reached up & felt his back. He was burning up.
We couldn't get out of that place fast enough. Daddy grabbed him an ice cream cone as Davis & I made our way out. He only had a few bites before tossing it out.
We got home & I took his temp. It was 101.4. I called Pediatric Acute Care & was advised to stay home w/ him. There was nothing they could do. I had made a call to our ped, Dr Jill prior to calling them, but reached her cell's vm.
We put Davis down for his nap & he was out! A few minutes later Jill called & told us if it reached 102, to take him to PAC. I went in & checked & it was 103! I called & made an appointment w/ PAC.... even though something was nagging me to just take him to the Pediatric ER at Baptist.
Everyone got ready & we headed that way.
Even though we had an appointment, we had to wait over 2 1/2 hours. I was so frustrated. I had a sick baby, who they didn't even offer Tylenol & we needed to get out of there.
Once the Dr did arrive, he was convinced Davis had strep throat. He ordered a strep test & I requested the H1N1 test. The Dr informed me, that they don't have any of the tests there, but they could send it off & have the results back to me in 3-5 days. NO THANKS!
The nurse came in to test him. She was great w/ him, but then went on to explain to us that we shouldn't want H1N1 or the meds b/c he has strep. I explained that we just asked for the test, but he most likely doesn't have strep. He has big tonsils (he gets that from his Momma)!
She was rude & that put me in even a worse mood.
The Dr did come back & say he didn't have strep, ear infection, or anything else wrong w/ him. Now have a nice day!
I left so upset I wanted to cry.
We treated his fever & the cough that was starting. We are so blessed to have Jill as a friend. She saw my frustrations on Facebook & left me a message saying to call her on Sunday if his fever hadn't broke.
On Sunday, he hadn't, but I had decided that Danny or I would take him to the Dr first thing Monday morning & I didn't want to bother Jill anymore on her weekend. She, however, called me Sunday night & felt like it was H1N1 & wanted to start him on Tamiflu to treat it before it got worse.
On Sunday night, my baby boy started treatment for H1N1 & just as the Dr said, his fever broke Monday! We couldn't have been happier. That didn't mean the illness was over, just no fever. I also started treatment on Monday, to protect me & baby Eliza from getting sick.
We were very lucky to have a Daddy to stay home & take care of all of us.
Davis still has his cough today, but appetite has increased to almost normal & we see light at the end of this tunnel.
Now, it's time to start our Halloween festivities!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I need a name!

I've spent the past few weeks brainstorming names for my blog. I obviously need a new one & just can't seem to come up w/ something catchy.
I'm getting frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I want something cute, easy to remember, & fun. My blog is about my family. Our new family of 4!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Search for a new washer

Danny & I have been on the hunt for a new washer for the past few weeks.
Our need is great for many reasons. Just to touch on a couple:
A) Our baby girl will be arriving in just 4 weeks!! WOOHOO
B) It sounds like an airport in our home during the spin cycle!
C) There's been a burning smell coming from the washer on occasion. That isn't good!

Anyway, we found a Samsung we really liked, but have been waiting to see where we can find it the cheapest.
Today, I was checking my twitter account... something I don't do very often! I found this contest & wanted to cry!
The ones that are being given away are beautiful & nicer than the one we had picked out. I agree w/ Angie..... if I win, I'm naming them! LOL

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's been how long?

OK, so I knew I was a bit behind on blogging, but didn't realize how long it had been till I checked my blogger account. The sad thing is, I love to blog. I love to write. I just don't have an answer as to what happened.
I am still alive & a new post will be coming soon. So, check back!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I just love a Not Me Monday!! Here goes all the things I DID NOT DO this week....

The reason I haven't posted a Not Me in so long IS NOT because I can't keep track of the days of the week. Nope, NOT ME!

I have NOT frozen my husband out of the bedroom since I'm pregnant. Nope, he's not sleeping on the couch!

I did NOT call my husband at work today & in a panic tell him I think the Doctor left a stitch in my belly button from my surgery in January 2008. Then when he came home he DID NOT check my belly button & find dried Tummy Honey inside. NO way was that me. Even if it was me, I sure wouldn't admit it!!

I did not run out to buy Davis new undies before his 1st day of preschool b/c I'm worried what the teachers would think of old underwear that he has worn all summer. Nope, not me. I have much better things to worry about.

I did not hang up baby Eliza's hairbows today & realize she has more bows than she does clothes. Also, I did not panic when I realized not one of those were purple!

My 4 year old does not play the Wii. No way, would I allow video games this early in his life!

There's my Not Me's for the week. What are yours?? I'm dying to know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't call CPS!

This is why I can't leave Daddy & Davis alone while I go to Kroger.
I was at Kroger for my weekly shopping trip tonight & I got this picture sent to my phone.
Hang up the phone, don't call CPS..... yet!
The cut on the eye was from Monday when Davis & Max were playing Better Batter Baseball & Davis got hit in the eye w/ a bat.
The blood & the nose.... I'm still not sure what happened. But there is not cuts or scraps, so all is well.
Nonetheless...... not a good pic for Momma to receive while at Kroger!!