Friday, February 6, 2009

A Visit To The Doctor

On Thursday Danny & I drove to Cincinnati to see a fertility specialist.  We've seen a fertility specialist here in Louisville before, but we felt strongly about seeing this Doctor based on referrals & on research that I did.  
I was slightly nervous about going even though I knew what he would recommend for our next level of treatment.  We had waited so long between our visits to the Louisville Doctor & this Doctor b/c we really wanted to be sure this is what we are to do.  We know God has opened doors for us to go through w/ the IUI & our knowledge of this Doctor is God ordained.  
After leaving our visit I felt so blest & even more confident in our decision.  I will admit I'm nervous about multiplies, but I am confident in the God I serve.  
As I've mentioned before, I love Jon & Kate + 8, but I am no Kate!  Danny & Davis keep talking about our twins, which I'd be OK with.  I'm just praying for God's will & protection during this time.  
We were very blunt w/ our Doctor that we are not open to any type of reduction.  I felt I needed to say that to him on our 1st visit for 2 reasons:
1.  I wanted him to be aware of that decision, so that his treatment can be based upon that  
     knowledge & make decisions that is in the best interest of me & our babies.
2.  I wanted him to know that I trust his judgement in my treatment, but I trust Jesus more.

So, with that said, we're very happy w/ our Doctor.  He was very sweet & even asked about our Daivs to get to know him as well.  That made me so much more comfortable w/ him automatically!  If you want to know more about my visit, please feel free to ask.  A short run down of our treatment will include:  ultrasounds, injections, ultrasounds, ultrasounds, sperm washing, & insemination!  GOOD TIMES!  LOL


Stephanie said...

Wow I am so excited for you!!! I'll go ahead and volunteer right now for feeding your sextuplets ;-)

Amy said...

SO excited for you guys Amie! God is SO Good!