Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's a first....

Tonight as we are in the final stretch of being 2, we had yet another first!!
Davis received his 1st stitch!
Danny & Davis were playing forts in Davis' room & I was in my bathroom. Davis told Daddy he was going to go kiss Bowie 'night night' & would 'be right back'. I heard a growl, a louder growl & then a bark. Davis started crying. Now this isn't too abnormal b/c the dogs & Davis fight a lot & we hear these sounds.
This was a little different b/c his cry wasn't as dramatic as usual. I ran in there & he was holding his face. Bowie nipped his nose.
We weren't even sure we needed to go to the ER. I called Pediatric Acute Care & they suggested we go to either Baptist Hospital East (if they have a Pediatrician on staff tonight) or Kosair Children's Hospital. I called BHE & they do have a Ped on staff in the ER at all times.
Little D cried most of the way there. He kept saying "I don't go to DR" & "I don't wike hopital". He said "I feel better, Mommy". My heart was breaking, but I'm more of a 'better to be safe than sorry' type of gal.
We got to the ER & was taken back to the Ped ER pretty quickly. The nurse who saw him didn't think he would need any stitches. A few other nurses came in to see him & check out his nose. One of them asked what happened & he was so cute I could cry! He said "playin' fort w/ Daddy, gotta give Bow kisses in blue room, he bite me". I couldn't have explained it any better.
He was such a trooper. When the Dr came in he decided that he would feel better if he had just 1 stitch. I asked about the glue stitches, but b/c of bacteria w/ a bite he prefers to do the regular stitch.
They had to put some numbing solution on his nose & let it sit for 15 mins before doing the stitch. Davis did so well, during all this.
When they came to do the stitch, Mommy didn't do as well. My poor baby only cried for a second & then they were done.
When we got home & things were settled & I was tucking him in bed I told him how proud I am of him & what a big boy he is. He said "Mommy, I cried". It just broke my heart. I asked if he cried b/c it hurt & he said "Yes, my nose". I said, it's OK even big boys cry when it hurts!
One of the ER techs gave him a stuffed zebra & we named him 'stitch'. He slept w/ him tonight!

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