Monday, June 8, 2009

Davis' Cardiologist visit

Last Monday, Davis went for his routine cardiologist appointment. We've been seeing A since Davis was 1 & his heart murmur became known to us.
He is an amazing Dr who we really look forward going to see. He makes Mommy feel better knowing that his heart is healthy!
As soon as Dr A walked in the room, he greeted Davis. They had a really cute conversation & it went like this:

Dr A: Are you married yet?
Davis: Yes
Dr A: You are? How long have you been married?
Davis: 6 months (w/o missing a beat)
Dr A: Wow, do you have any kids yet?
Davis: Yes, I have 4.

Danny & I were about to bust out laughing. Davis was as serious as can be.
Davis & Dr A spent the remaining time of the visit joking & kidding w/ one another, which really put Davis at ease.

Our visit went great & there is imporvement in Davis heart. One of the little valves that was opened has closed up & looks great. The murmur is still there & there is a tiny pin hole. We go back in 2 years & we're praying that the hole has healed. Even if it doesn't, Dr A isn't worried. He said he's a healthy little boy & can do anything that all the normal kiddos can do at this age.

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Amanda Hoyt said...

Praise the Lord for healing Davis! We will continue to pray that the murmur goes away.
Amie, when is your big ultrasond?