Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Search for a new washer

Danny & I have been on the hunt for a new washer for the past few weeks.
Our need is great for many reasons. Just to touch on a couple:
A) Our baby girl will be arriving in just 4 weeks!! WOOHOO
B) It sounds like an airport in our home during the spin cycle!
C) There's been a burning smell coming from the washer on occasion. That isn't good!

Anyway, we found a Samsung we really liked, but have been waiting to see where we can find it the cheapest.
Today, I was checking my twitter account... something I don't do very often! I found this contest & wanted to cry!
The ones that are being given away are beautiful & nicer than the one we had picked out. I agree w/ Angie..... if I win, I'm naming them! LOL

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