Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Sick boy

It all started Saturday.....
Davis just wasn't himself at soccer. It was soooo cold & I was sooo tired. I'll admit that I got frustrated w/ my little soccer player for not wanting to play. However, the trooper that he is... he jumped back on the field & played goalie. He did a great job & I was proud.
He did so well, we promised him ice cream. It was lunch time & Chick Fil A sounded good. Davis picked at his food. He went in to play at the indoor playground & after a few minutes came up to me & laid his head down. I reached up & felt his back. He was burning up.
We couldn't get out of that place fast enough. Daddy grabbed him an ice cream cone as Davis & I made our way out. He only had a few bites before tossing it out.
We got home & I took his temp. It was 101.4. I called Pediatric Acute Care & was advised to stay home w/ him. There was nothing they could do. I had made a call to our ped, Dr Jill prior to calling them, but reached her cell's vm.
We put Davis down for his nap & he was out! A few minutes later Jill called & told us if it reached 102, to take him to PAC. I went in & checked & it was 103! I called & made an appointment w/ PAC.... even though something was nagging me to just take him to the Pediatric ER at Baptist.
Everyone got ready & we headed that way.
Even though we had an appointment, we had to wait over 2 1/2 hours. I was so frustrated. I had a sick baby, who they didn't even offer Tylenol & we needed to get out of there.
Once the Dr did arrive, he was convinced Davis had strep throat. He ordered a strep test & I requested the H1N1 test. The Dr informed me, that they don't have any of the tests there, but they could send it off & have the results back to me in 3-5 days. NO THANKS!
The nurse came in to test him. She was great w/ him, but then went on to explain to us that we shouldn't want H1N1 or the meds b/c he has strep. I explained that we just asked for the test, but he most likely doesn't have strep. He has big tonsils (he gets that from his Momma)!
She was rude & that put me in even a worse mood.
The Dr did come back & say he didn't have strep, ear infection, or anything else wrong w/ him. Now have a nice day!
I left so upset I wanted to cry.
We treated his fever & the cough that was starting. We are so blessed to have Jill as a friend. She saw my frustrations on Facebook & left me a message saying to call her on Sunday if his fever hadn't broke.
On Sunday, he hadn't, but I had decided that Danny or I would take him to the Dr first thing Monday morning & I didn't want to bother Jill anymore on her weekend. She, however, called me Sunday night & felt like it was H1N1 & wanted to start him on Tamiflu to treat it before it got worse.
On Sunday night, my baby boy started treatment for H1N1 & just as the Dr said, his fever broke Monday! We couldn't have been happier. That didn't mean the illness was over, just no fever. I also started treatment on Monday, to protect me & baby Eliza from getting sick.
We were very lucky to have a Daddy to stay home & take care of all of us.
Davis still has his cough today, but appetite has increased to almost normal & we see light at the end of this tunnel.
Now, it's time to start our Halloween festivities!

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