Friday, April 23, 2010

5 Year Checkup

Today Davis went for his 5 year check up. He did so well & I am so proud of what a big boy he's becoming.
His physical & check up went so well. He was once again declared "perfect"! He's on the tall size for his age, passed his hearing test, had 3 shots, peed in a cup, & had his blood drawn. He also had an x-ray taken on his tonsils b/c they're so large.
All in all, we were there for about an hour & he was so patient & such a good boy.
The best part of the visit for him was that we found out that he doesn't have to have another shot till his 7 or 8 year check up!!! That made him happy. LOL
After the appointment, we went to Target & then met Daddy for lunch. We had a great day together & now we're finishing up the day w/ Family Movie Night! As I'm typing this blog, the boys are on the couch, Eliza is in the floor playing, & I'm on the love seat watching Alvin & The Chipmunks.
Gotta love this life!

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