Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Me Monday!!!

It's another edition of 'Not Me Monday'! Has it been awhile? LOL

I haven't had intentions of exercising on more than one occasion & never making it. NOPE! I'm a gym rat, ya know!!

I didn't come home from the store, put the groceries away, & later discover I put the chicken in the cabinet instead of freezer. Nope, Not me! If this had happened.... my husband wouldn't have been the one to discover my oops moment!

I did not come home from church yesterday & use the baby's lack of sleep as an excuse to go cuddle & nap in the bed w/ her till AWANA. Nope, I was too busy cleaning up this place!

I do not look at new babies & get a bit jealous! Nope, I'm too busy enjoying my rapidly growing children to even notice other peoples babies! :)

I'm not secretly relived that AWANA is over till August! No.... not me!

I don't waste too much time on Facebook each day when I know I have tons of other stuff to do. See, I only get on Facebook as time permits & if all my other chores are done!

I guess that's all for now.... really it isn't but I'm NOT too tired to think of all my other things I need to confess this week! :)

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