Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Musical

Last weekend was the annual Christmas musical at our church.  This year it was a joint effort with the choir, praise team, youth, & children's choir.  It was up in the air for awhile whether the cubbies (3 & 4 year olds) would even get to sing.  Well, they did (sort of) & I have pics to prove it!  There were 2 performances, one on Saturday night & one on Sunday night.  To me, the 2nd night went off much smoother.  I think the kiddos even had fun.
The 1st pic is from Sunday night.  It really looks like he was singing his little heart out.  In reality, I think he was asking for candy or Spencer!  That's the only way I could get him up there & to participate w/o using his candle as a weapon (gun, light saber, you name it).
The other 2 are from Saturday.  He looked handsome, but was a bit overwhelmed w/ the people & the singing!  

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