Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

One of my favorite bloggers is encouraging her readers to start a 'Not Me! Monday'.    This is an opportunity to be brutally honest, show our imperfections in an inperfect world.  So, here goes what I DID NOT do this week!
I DID NOT skip naptime for my 3 year old, so I could get some Christmas shopping done at the mall today.

I DID NOT dread w/ every ounce of my being going to the second night of the Christmas program at church last night!  Watching Davis sing (dance, use the candle as a light saber, choke Parker, etc) was more than I wanted to bear.  However, it turned out great & I left full.

I DID NOT feed Davis 'sneaky ice cream' that I made & convince it him was actually a treat.  Seriously, the best cookbook I own is 'The Sneaky Chef'.

I DID NOT break off a piece of wooden spoon in said ice cream & unknowingly give it to my 3 year old.
I DID NOT blow up my blender making this sneaky ice cream I speak of.  NOT ME!

I DID NOT even consider searching Danny's closet for my Christmas presents while he slept.

I DID NOT send my son to time out w/o even getting my lazy behind off the couch.

I DID NOT lie to my dear sweet husband about why I went to the mall today & what I bought.  HEY, he'll figure it out on Christmas morning, right?

I DID NOT make a hundred excuses why I can't use the eliptical machine this week.  I DID NOT use it a total of 0 times!

I DID NOT just blog about all my sins of the week.

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