Thursday, March 5, 2009

My trips to Florence Y'all & Cincinatta!

In the past 11 days I've made 4 trips to either Florence Y'all or Cincinatta.  In some cases, I've made stops in both destinations.  We weren't making these trips just for Johnny Rockets, but we did make a stop there at least once!
We were going to see a fertility specialist that I had been refered to by many different people & had done some research on him & liked what I found.  They have 2 different offices, one in Florence Y'all & the other in Cincinatta.
March 25, I went to my cycle day 3 appointment.  This appointment was in Cincinatta & my friend Lynn & her baby Teddy went w/ me.  The appointment went well, Dr S seemed to be happy w/ what he saw.  Lynn, Teddy, & I did have to make a quick stop at the Levee for some Johnny Rockets!
On cycle day 3 I started the follistim injections.  These are ovulation inducing drugs.  Here is the schedule & dosage of the injections for this cycle:
cd 3 125 iu
cd4 100 iu
cd5 125 iu
cd 6 100 iu
cd7 100 iu
On March 2, I headed back to Florence Y'all, this time alone.  The nurse had written down the date, time, & office location for me.  I arrived in Florence Y'all to find out, that office didn't open to later in the day.  I frantically called & they told me to drive the extra 15 mins to Cinci & I would be seen there.  
Dr S said I had one follicle that was growing well.  It was already 12 mm, which is good & fat.  He really seemed pleased w/ what he saw.  So, he wanted me to continue the injections for the next 3 days w/ the following dosage:
cd 8 125 iu
cd9 100 iu
cd 10 125 iu
Today, cycle day 11, I headed back to see Dr S.  My appointment was in Cinci again & I went alone.  On the way there, I ran into a bit of excitment.  
I was driving down I-71 w/o a care in the world when an unmarked police car turned his lights on & pulled me over.  The officer wearing a suit came up to the driver's side of the car & barely reaching my window showed me his ID & informed me that he was Sgt X w/ the Kentucky State Police.  He asked where I was headed.  I handed him my Driver's license.  He asked if I had insurance on this vehicle.  I was driving Danny's Jeep, so I began looking for the insurance card.  He said "I'm going to go run this, you stay in the car".  I didn't respond b/c I was still frantically looking.  He repeated "Ma'am, please stay in the car & put your hands on the steering wheel".  I acknowledged him & did as told.  
Kentucky State Police Pictures, Images and Photos
The next thing I saw was Henry County Sheriff's car & another police car pull in front in front of my Jeep & beside me.  The KSP officer was running my information.  Just as quickly as they got there, the other 2 police cars pulled out.  
The KSP officer walked back to my window handed me my ID.  I had my insurance card in my hand ready to hand over.  He just said "You're not who we're looking for.  Be careful & drive safe.".  
He went back to his car & pulled out going like 90 mph.  I'm not sure who he was looking for, but I'm thankful it wasn't me!
I did make it to see Dr S.  He again seemed pleased & I had 1 fat follice that measured 18 mm.  We'd liked to have seen more, but 1 is better than nothing.  
He directed me to take the ovidrel, which is a trigger shot that makes me release that follice & turn it into an egg.  I take it tonight. 
We are going back to Cinci on Saturday morning for the IUI.  We're thinking about going to either the zoo or aquarium while we're there.
I guess we're starting the 2 week wait & I know it's going to kill me!


Heidi said...

I am praying for you :)

Stephanie said...

How exciting! I will be praying for you!!

Oh my... I would have been freaking out if I was surrounded by police cars on the highway. Makes a great story, though!

We'll be heading up there soon to go to the aquarium. We haven't been since Summer was 6 months old, I have a feeling the girls would love it!