Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're having a baby!

A lot of people have emailed me with questions about our wonderful news.  
First, I want to say "Thank You" to all who have lifted us up in prayer the past few years.  I have felt you on your knees & to say I appreciate it, is very much an understatment.  I have said this many times before, but knowing someone is spending time with the Lord on my behalf, is very humbling & I will be forever grateful.  
We went back on Saturday, March 7 for the IUI.  Dr. S wasn't in the office that day, so I saw Dr. A.  That was the first time I'd seen him & was super nervous.  He put me at ease the moment he walked in the office.  He had a big smile on his face & said "Happy Ovulation Day"!  The procedure took less then 2 mins & our wait began.  
Our wait was filled w/ mixed emotions for me.  I knew I had only released 1 egg, so my chances of conceiving were slim.  I started off w/ high hopes & as the days passed I lost all control.  I had a complete meltdown & declared that I didn't want any more kids, that God gave us Davis & that was it.  Danny looked at me & said 
"Your pregnant!".  
WHAT?  Did he not just hear what I said through my tears sitting in the kitchen floor?  
"Yep, that's pregnancy talk." he declared.  
That made it even worse for me b/c I knew I was going to end up dissapointing him yet again.  
I was scheduled to either take a home pregnancy test or call Dr S on March 21.  I had read on the message boards that someone took it early just to see if the trigger shot was out of her system.  So, I picked up a couple Dollar Tree tests & thought I'd give it a shot.  
I took the test on March 19 & received a VERY faint positive.  I have received a false positive before, so I was very weary of telling Danny about it.  
I did break down & convince him to meet me for lunch & I showed him the test (in a sealed baggie).  We both were cautiously optimistic, but I decided to call my Dr.  He wanted me to have blood work the following day to confirm a pregnancy.  
On Friday morning, I went for my blood work at a local lab in Louisville.  On a trip to the grocery store I picked up a digital test & ran home & took it.  When the 'positive' appeared on the screen, I wanted to scream like a school girl!! :)
Needless, to say, the blood results showed I was pregnant.  I had other one on the following Monday to verify the baby was growing.  
Some have questioned if I should be sharing our good news this early.  I don't think it matters.  I know that those same people who prayed for this pregnancy will also pray for a healthy baby.  I want everyone to be able to celebrate w/ us during this time, as we're very happy & excited.  
I can't help, but compare this pregnancy to my last one.  I miss my baby & wish we'd be preparing to celebrate his 1st b-day in May.  My eyes can't see the big plan, but I trust a God who is in control & I take comfort in that.


Heidi said...

Praise the Lord!!! Congrats to you, Danny, and little Davis =)

Anonymous said...

Congradulations and blessings to you and your's. I like your blog, I found it when reading the Freebies 4 Mom blog. I envy you, very lucky you are. God bless.
Sat Nam, `(-_-)'