Monday, May 18, 2009

Crying over Kindergarten...

As Davis' 1st year of preschool comes to a close, I'm faced w/ the fact that I only have a few months before I have to start applying to Kindergartens.  
I've been scouring the internet, talking to teachers, praying for God's guidance, & reading everthing about JCPS, Whitefield, & Christian Academy that I can find.  So far, this is what I've learned:
A. The schools aren't ranked as I'd suspected they would be.  Some were better, but most were a lot worse.

B. I cry easily.

C.  Lowe Elementary has a daily snack time.

D. Whitefield & Christian Academy is expensive.

E. I'm not as in love with Traditional Elementry schools as the rest of Jefferson County.

F. There is an event for parents at some schools (the smart ones) on the first day of Kindergarten called "Boo Hoo Breakfast".  It involves, doughnuts & Kleenex.  I will be attending!!  :)

So, we're still undecided.  I have till Febuary to get our applications for schools together.  We're not sending him to our 'resides' school or any school in that cluster.  So, we have to wait on the lottery system that JCPS claims is a chance.  I disagree.... but that's a whole other post.

I'm just having a super hard time w/ this Kindergarten thing.  I want to poke wholes in every school I look at.  I spent 30 mins complaining about Christian Academy & the $5000 + a year wasn't even in my complaint list.  When in reality, CAL is an awesome school, that Davis would be lucky to go to.

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Stephanie said...

Ohhhhh I am not looking forward to this at all. I have started to think about where Summer and Camryn will go and I feel so overwhelmed. I went to traditional schools growing up (Audubon, JCTMS, Male), and while they gave me a great education, I felt like they really limited me as a student as far as exploring and learning.

My brother goes to the Brown School. We are considering that for the girls. The staff is great there, and every kid I've met that goes/went there is wonderful and has a great attitude about learning.

The only thing I know is that they are not going to any of the public schools around here. Elementary is one thing, but the middle schools and high schools I worry about. I have seen kids go into J-Town high school regular, good kids, and come out drug-dealing juvenile delinquents. Lol.

Good luck with your decision!!