Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm still waiting

This song became my theme during the last few months of trying to conceive.  Everytime I hear it, it brings me to tears, but also brings me comfort.  It kept me focused.  
Those of you who know me, know what a control freak I can be.  I personally like to describe myself as a 'planner'.  
It was worth the wait when we found out we were pregnant again.  But, our waiting didn't end.
We're waiting for the morning sickness to end, to find out if we're having a boy or a girl, & finally
to bring our little angel home.  
I've been working on patience for the past 5 + years, you'd think I was better at it!!  

We still don't know what we're having, but I did have my c-section scheduled yesterday.  That's a step in the right direction!!  We're scheduled for November 19.  Hopefully, we'll be out & ready for Thanksgiving!!

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