Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another day in the hospital

I woke up this morning excited w/ the thought of finally going home w/ my new baby girl.
Unfortunately, the Neonatologist came w/ bad news.
Eliza's biliruben levels increased & they are going to keep her at least 1 more day.
I had a little meltdown.
I want to see Davis.
I want to be a family of 4.
I want that alone time w/ Danny that we just haven't gotten this week.
I want to be in control again.
One of the sticky points right now is that the Dr on call started the release papers for me this morning. They are trying to reach my OB to see if she "wants" me to stay another night, so I can be w/ Eliza & have her in my room.
If not, then I will be considered a 'border'. If there are extra rooms available, I'll be a border in a room, but won't receive any meds from the hospital or be considered a patient. The benefit of this is so I can still have the baby w/ me in the room & nurse on demand to help rid her of the jaundice.
If they don't have available rooms on this floor, then I could be in a different part of the hospital . The bad part of that is that I won't be able to have her in my room or nurse in my room. I'll have to go to the nursery to see her & feed her.
I'm super emotional right now & cried when Davis called to check on me. I loved hearing his sweet voice!

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Stephanie said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I'm praying her levels are normal tomorrow and that you both can go home and be a family. Hang in there!