Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Deja Vu

We've been making weekly appointments to the pediatrician to check Eliza's weight because she had yet to gain her birth weight back. We took these same weekly & bi weekly trips to see Dr Jill when Davis was born. I guess my babies just take awhile to get started.
At our last visit to see Dr Jill, our baby girl had not only gained her birth weight back, but passed it. I was so happy & knew I could rest more easily & not stress during every feeding.
While we were there, the Dr did discover a heart murmur on Eliza. I came home & called the same pediatric cardiologist that Davis sees & made an appointment for our baby girl.
This past Thursday we went & saw Dr. A. He is an amazing Dr & we're very lucky to have him take care of our children's hearts.
There were 3 things they found 'not normal' with Eliza's heart. The first thing was a tiny pin prick hole in her heart. Davis has... I mean had this, too! He grew out of his, as will Eliza.
The 2nd thing was what is actually making the murmur. It's false tendons. This, Davis also has! They both will grow out of it.
The 3rd is narrow valves. This condition is called Congenital Heart Disease. It sounds a lot worse than it is (in her case, anyway). This is something she will grow out of, probably in the next year.
We had a great visit & couldn't have asked for more. Everything is fine or will be in the next year or so. We go back for a follow up next December.
Oh, they weighed her & our baby girl is now 9 lbs!

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