Sunday, December 27, 2009

Picture with Santa

Somehow this season just flew by! I thought I had it all together & was ready for Christmas.... then I blinked! It was Christmas Eve & I had not only had my son's annual picture with Santa taken, but I hadn't documented Eliza's 1st Christmas w/ her picture w/ Santa.
I had so many things to do & didn't want to venture out in the cold winter air to fight all the crazy people at the mall on Christmas Eve. But, would it matter in 20 years? Would I remember that or would I just remember not having my kids pictures made?
I know me.... I know how I beat myself up.... I know how I want to document our lives together. Out the door we went! Luckily, Danny was able to help me w/ some errands & met us at the mall. It turned out to be a nice morning & relaxing time watching the 'crazy' people scramble for their last minute gifts, while we were finished, just wanting a picture w/ good Ole' Saint Nick.
We may make Christmas Eve pictures w/ Santa a tradition!
Eliza was fussy & Davis was tired, so Super Daddy had to step in. All the while, Mommy pushed the stroller & snapped pictures!

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