Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas... It's over

I just can't believe Christmas came & went already.
We had such a good time with friends & family that I'm sad to see it over.
Davis got so many goodies & ate so much junk, I'm sure he's just as upset that veggies are being put on his plate again!
On Thursday the 20th we had our 2nd Annual Christmas lunch/party with Lynn & Maddie. Max was sick, so he stayed home w/ Daddy. Davis got a real cool Pirate ship from Max & Maddie. Lynn got him "favorite" (as Davis calls them) green Thomas pjs & a wooden puzzle.
On Friday the 21st we had Lisa & Spencer over & went out to lunch w/ them. Davis got a semi truck that carries smaller trucks. He just loves anything w/ wheels.
Saturday, we went to Grandpa & GJ's. Boy, did Davis get some toys. Grandpa & GJ got him a drum set & My First Craftsman work bench. Aunt Cheryl got him a drum set, too. I guess Davis is destined to be a drummer like Daddy. Granny got him a pair of jeans, a shirt, & the Fisher Price Star Station Karoke set. G3 (Great Grandma Grace) got him a firetruck wooden puzzle that is 4 ft long. Too cool.
Sunday, we had Christmas at Nana & Papaw's. They got Davis a Leap Frog ClickStart computer game system, UofL Adidas warm up suit, & chicken dance Elmo. Kikky got him 'Cars' game for system. Uncle Jacob got him 'Dora' game for the system. Christopher got him a weasel that chasses a ball & Alex got him a motorcycle w/ a man on it. Davis just loved opening his presents & seeing all the cool stuff.
Monday night was Christmas Eve & we went to the annual Moran Christmas party. This year it was at Aunt Cissy's new house. Aunt Diane & Uncle Freddie got Davis a Firetruck flashlight, the Britt's got him the same thing. Too funny! Jason & Dani got him 'Red' the firetruck from 'Cars'. The Payton's got him Lightning McQueen. Uncle Scotty & Aunt Lucy got him a DQ gift card. Kikky brought him a Snoppy on a motorcycle. Oh & don't forget that Nana & Papaw got him some new pjs to wear on Christmas Eve.

WHEWWW... a lot of stuff.... not to mention Santa came on Tuesday morning.

I'll have to come back & post more.

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