Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where we are now.

I went to my post-op appt with Dr Homm on Monday. It appears everything is fine since the surgery. He didn't want to talk about the injections again b/c he needs a semen analyst from Danny before going any farther. If there is a prob there, then he would want to talk about IUI instead of shots.
I left completely stressed. I was upset w/ Danny for not getting this done sooner. I was upset w/ myself for not encouraging him to do it.
He is getting it done this week & things are going to be fine. When I left the office I just saw months passing by w/o getting preg! Now, I'm feeling better. I'm confident the s/a will be ok & we can move on to the follistim injections.
Before the surgery I wanted to get started back on running, but once I had the surgery I lost interest in it & everything. I'm feeling so much better now. I am excited to be back to myself again! YAH for me!

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