Saturday, January 19, 2008

If it's not one thing..... (ya know the rest)

As soon as I started feeling better from the surgery, I'm hit w/ this awful cold. My fever & body aches started last night. The fever finally broke this eveing.
Davis went over to Nana & Papaw's b/c Daddy had a stomach bug. I just pray that little D doesn't get sick from us.
Danny went over to the store & bought things to sanitize the house. We bought some Febreeze anti-microbial, Clorox wipes, & more hand gel. I think we've cleaned the house of our bugs & will be ready for Davis to come home tomorrow.

On a happy note........ After my surgery I had some light spotting which I was told was normal. Then on Thursday AF came. I called Dr Homm to verify that I could consider this cycle day 1. They confirmed that I could, but no clomid or injections this round. They said my body needs 1 full cycle to heal before starting more meds. However, I can still ttc on my own. WOW, this is such good news for us. I've never had a normal cycle w/o clomid. We pray that we get our miracle & have an October baby this year. Please be in prayer for us this month!