Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Clomid- the gateway drug.


They say that pot is the gateway drug to bigger, stronger street drugs.
In my world, clomid is the gateway drug to bigger, stronger RX drugs for infertiltiy. I still can't believe my clomid days are over. I conceived twice while taking, so I do have a soft spot for it.
There are so many side effects, that my RE doesn't want me to take it too long. One side effect that I've noticed is blury vision. It comes & goes, but I know people who share the same story & side effects. The longer I'm off it, the better it gets.
I go in on Friday for my pre-op for the L & H surgery. I'm nervous, but ready to get it done & start injections. I wasn't sure how to pray. Should I pray for everything to be OK? Should I pray for them to find something & 'fix' the prob? I've decided to just pray as I always do.......Dear God, allow me to become pregnant & carry my baby full term. Allow my baby to be healthy!
Sometime this month I'll start my follistim injections. FUN stuff here. I'm dreading giving myself a shot everyday & hope Danny will be able to do it. We're so excited b/c we did find out that insurance covers the injections. That's always good news. We will have out of pocket expenses for the surgery & we won't know how much till it's over.
Danny, Davis, & I didn't do too much for New Year's Eve. We just stayed in & had a quite night. It was relaxing, but I will say I miss being out w/ friends.

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