Friday, January 11, 2008


I woke up at 3am this morning. I was able to walk down the hall on my own. This was a good sign b/c Danny had been assisting me in getting in & out of bed. I went to the fridge to get a water, but once I made it back to my bed the pain began. It was so bad, I wasn't able to get into bed. I called for Danny & he helped me into bed, gave me my vicodin & layed w/ me. The pain did not cease. He got in the shower & I called Dr Homm's office. The answering machine gave a pager # for emergency use only. I felt this was an emergency.
I called the pager & left my #. After 20 mins, no one had called back. I paged again & waited. My pain was only getting worse. I called Lynn to see if Whitney (she's a nanny & her boss is a high risk ob/gyn) had left for work yet. Lynn gave me Whitney's cell #. She was comforting and asked me to call Jewish Hospital for instructions.
Once I got Jewish on the phone, Kit Devine (Dr Homm's PA) beeped in. She told me to take 2 vicodin as needed. If that didn't help, to give her a call.
Gotta love the vicodin! I felt much better, but spent the rest of the day in bed.
I did get up around 5 for a bit. Danny had to run to Wal-Mart & I felt Davis & I would be OK long enough for him to go. Well, with everything that was going on, Bowie decided to jump into my lap (he's 65 lbs) & start having a seizure. The pain began again. All I could do was push him in the floor. I felt bad for the poor little dog, but what else was I to do?

I've got pics to post of my ovaries.... hopefully, I'll get those up tomorrow.

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