Thursday, October 16, 2008

Annual Trip To Huber's

A few weeks ago the Barnes & the Holloway families took their annual trip to Huber's Pumpkin patch. This has been a real trip for us the past few years. It's so much fun to see how the boys have grown each year. It's a fun way to mark them growing up.
For example, last year Davis rode this little train ride (little carts pulled by a tractor, painted like a cow), he called it the cow train. It takes the kids on a little ride around behind the barns & inflatables. Davis was able to ride it b/c you have to be old enough to ride alone. This year Spencer was also able to join the fun & ride along.
We've tweaked our visits each year. The first year we went into the restaurant to eat. It was good food, but stressful b/c we had 2 small children (Spencer was 3 months old & Davis was 16 months old). The following year we decided to eat at the grill outside. We had hot dogs & chips. It was pricey & not very good. Plus Davis doesn't eat hot dogs. This year we stopped at KFC & brought our own picnic. That seemed to work out well for everyone. I think we'll do that again next year.
We had a really good time & the boys picked out some really nice pumpkins. Davis, of course, wanted the biggest one he could find.

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