Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OK, I just realized I never posted about Davis' 1st day of school. We had a wonderful day planned to make sure his 1st day was special.  
We started our morning w/ a trip to McD's.  We thought it would be a treat to have breakfast out for his first day.  However, all Davis could do was rush us through breakfast b/c he didn't want to miss school.  It was cute!
We pulled into school & he walked right in.  He was a bit nervous, but we had prepared him for this day for the past few months.  He never cried.... I can't say the same about myself!
He only went for 1 hour that first day.  We picked him up  & took him to waterfront park downtown & had lunch at Tumbleweed on the river.
Just as a side note- he still loves school & even Mommy is starting to like it! HAHA

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