Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Things I Do For A Friend

Today, my sweet dear friend Lisa asked me to do something I don't normally do- JAZZERCISE! Let's just say Lisa & I used to be friends!
I met up w/ her against my body screaming "NO NO NO". It was a 50 minute class. I felt so silly & uncool trying to keep up w/ these ladies who obviously have been there before. I was sweating more than I do when I run & ready to quit way before the 50 minute class was up.
This involved dance moves, jumps, lunges, & other moves that my mind is trying to repress at this very moment. Anyone who knows me, knows my coordination & knows I should have stayed home. Well, one of you should have called me today around 3:30!
Lisa being the athlete that she is signed up for 3 months!  I left thinking "What a waste of my time!  It's a beautiful day, I could have been running."  I'm sure I was good entertainment for the instructor & the lady who was behind me.  I looked awful as I tried to do these moves.  A few times the instructor said "don't think about it so hard" & I'm sure she was looking directly at me!  Now, as I sit & blog about my experience I am so sore I can't move to the couch to watch tv w/ Danny.  I tried to call Lisa to officially end our friendship, but she didn't answer.  I left a voice mail!!  She did email me moments ago to tell me she didn't answer b/c she is too sore to get off the couch.  I had to smile!  
Will I go back?  Hmmm.... that's yet to be determined.  Being sore lets me know I did something good, right?  

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Amy said...

Oh Girl - you're SO brave! I used to do Jazzercise back in the watching it on TV makes me tired!?!? lol