Friday, January 16, 2009

3) 1 year olds & 1) 3 year old

I know what you're thinking.... 2 posts in 1 day!  Yea, but I just couldn't help myself.  Plus the fact that our laptop is now wireless,  I can sit it on the kitchen counter & it's easier to make a quick post.
Today, I have Mia, Cole, Taylor, & Davis.  Of course Davis was at preschool this morning till Daddy brought him & lunch home!
Cole was playing w/ this big ambulance of Davis'.  Danny suggested I get the tractor ride (from Max & Maddie on Davis' 1st b-day) on out of the toy room for him.  Well, I did & it started something alright!
I had to go to the garage & get out the Firetruck ride (from Mia & Cole on Davis' 1st b-day) for Mia b/c I was scared a fight would break out.  
Of course little Taylor wasn't about to go without.  So, off to the attic I went to find the car ride on (from Granny on Davis' 1st Christmas).  Here they all are ready to baby race!
Also, today after posting my blog I received an email from a fellow blogger (& Louisvillian) who gave me the Mother of the Year award.  Go here to check it out & read her blog.  She is a sweet mother to 2 little girls.  Sickness is going around her house, so she has her handsful & amazes me at her calmness & organization.
Another thing that happened after I posted.  Danny & decided to go here for our anniversary dinner.  We both like it & haven't been in awhile.  When I sent Danny an email suggesting it.  He called me & was so happy talking about bang bang!
I think that's all for today.  I wanted to post a pic of my living room b/c today it looks like toyland threw up in my living room.  But, that's OK.  The kids are having fun.  
It's naptime & the kids are melting down 1 at a time.  Right now Taylor is in my lap & Davis is crying for no apparent reason.

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Stephanie said...

We recently got our wireless hooked up for our lap top as well and I LOVE it. So convenient, I can't remember how I lived without it!

I have yet to eat at Bonefish, but my cousin was a hostess there for a long time and I've heard good things. I might have to suggest that to Joe for Valentine's Day.

Looks like you've got your hands full today. I hope they all take a nap!