Friday, January 16, 2009


It's so cold today.  This morning Tom Wills reported that the wind chill was -12 F.  THAT'S Cold, I don't care who you are!  The temp outside was actually 0!  Yep, O.  I know it's colder for some of my northern friends, but we're in the south!
This picture was taken taken as Davis was leaving for school.  He had on 3 shirts!  He was wearing his under shirt, his button up shirt, & then the sweater.  I'm sure if he gets hot in school, the teacher will start pulling off layers.  I had to iron his cords this morning b/c I thought they would be warmer pants to wear.  
Notice his hair!  I'm loving how long & thick it is.  After sleeping on it when it's clean, it's got little curly waves in the back.  I trimmed it on Wednesday to buy us some more time.  I'm trying to figure out if we should cut it short again.  It's so cute when it's short.  You can focus on his eyes & smile more, but this is much warmer on his big head right now!
He was being silly in these pics, which is his favorite thing to do right now.  He'll let me take a couple shots of him doing what I ask & then he puts on his silly face & there's no turning back.  
Sunday is our 6 year anniversary.  We're thinking of going here to dinner.  There's actually 2 restaurants there.  They are owned & managed by the same person & share a kitchen.  We're eating on Jack's Lounge side.  We wanted someplace we don't normally go & thought this sounded good.  I've eaten at Jack's on GNO (Girl's Night Out), but it's been awhile.  
We're still open to suggestions if anyone has something in mind.  We're also planning on seeing a movie.  Davis will be at Nana & Papaw's house.  He hasn't spent the night w/ them since before Christmas, so this should be fun.  
Oh, notice the new blue pant doesn't go all the way down the wall?  Danny ran out & is hoping to finish it up & start on the trim this weekend!  It's hard to get it done w/ Davis in the house b/c he wants to "help"!


Stephanie said...

I almost got frostbite letting the dog out this morning. I don't think I would cut Davis's hair yet, he needs it to keep him warm!

There's something for you over on my blog :-)

AmandaHoyt said...

Davis is too cute! Stay warm and Happy Anniversary on Sunday!
Hugs and prayers,