Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My to do list....

Happy New Year!  
We started off our new year, going to dinner w/ some friends at Shogun.  Before you ask, yes there are other restaurants in Louisville, but I don't see the point! :)
We then came back to our house & the adults (w/ some help from Davis & Nora) played cards while the little ones ran amuck through the house.  
It was a fun night.  I knew I was getting old, when around 10, I was ready for my pjs! Seriously! HAHA
We've started this Biggest Loser challenge in early December.  The participates includes Danny, Elizabeth, her friend Darlene, Geri, Kreil, & Dani M.  Some have more to lose than others & some have already lost a lot.  I have to say Kreil has lost 20 lbs so far! YAH!! But, only 12 count in the challenge! :) He looks great & says he feels good, too.  
My sweet husband has lost 9 lbs.  Since he is so tall he carries weight better than others.  People were very surprised to find out how much he weighed.  
So, I've started the year off eating healthy & getting a workout in when I can.  
Also, on my to do list already this year is... 
1) Figure out what to do for our 6th anniversary.  We're low maintance, but like to do something 
     to celebrate another year together.  Any ideas?  
2) Plan Davis' birthday party.  We have a couple ideas.  All he has added to the discussion is that        he DOES want a party & he wants a Transformer cake.  If it was up to me we'd go back to 
     Kazoing.  That seemed to work out nice.
3) Enroll Davis in swim lessons.  I think Daddy is helping out on this one.  He may even be signed
     up as I type this post.
4) Figure out our summer vaca plans.  We have a few ideas, but all we know for sure is that we 
     want to go to the beach.  We love the beach!

I'm sure there are more things, but my head can only hold a few! HAHA
Davis did wake up at 5 am w/ a little cough.  I gave him some Delsym & he seems to be doing better.  His coughs are fewer & farther between.  

The picture is of Davis & all his Moran cousins on Christmas Eve.  The brew just keeps growing!  There were 3 less than on his 1st Christmas.  
Pictured from left to right is:
Mia, Tyler, Mark, Jack, Alison, Davis, Cole, Caroline, Samantha, & Evan 

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