Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Is it Monday again?  I guess it's time for another 'Not Me Monday'!
Not familiar w/ 'Not Me Monday'?  Click here to read MckMamma's blog & her Not Me Monday Carnival!  It's so much fun, I've started doing it every Monday.
Let's get started....

I did not practically starve myself on Saturday b/c all I could think of was the food I was going to have on dinner w/ my dear husband.  See, I know that is unhealthy, so I wouldn't do that.  
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I did not take my little guy to the train show on Sunday & allow him to pick out a Bionacle.  I refuse to buy Bionicals b/c the suggested age is 5+ & he's only 3 (1/2), plus there's too many pieces for me to pick up.  
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I did not convince Danny, Lisa, & Troy, that we needed Starbucks before going in the train show.  I wouldn't do that to everyone's diet.  
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I didn't go to Incredible Dave's Friday night w/ friends & held their new baby the whole time (almost).  I didn't do this b/c see, I'm happy w/ our little family of 3.  I wasn't baby longing at all.  Nope, not me!

I didn't spend too much time on the computer this week.  I was way too busy cooking, cleaning, & being a good housewife.
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I guess that's all my confessions this week.  It looks like I was better than I thought this week!

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