Thursday, January 29, 2009

more winter weather pics

Here are some more winter weather pics.  
The first pic is of Davis on our deck.  He had to look at the icicles hanging on the table.  He ran out the back door (luckily w/ boots on) before I could get his coat on.  Before the all the grandparents start calling, we only stayed out long enough for a picture!  :)
The 3rd pic is of the tree in our next door neighbors yard.  Looks like Mr Keith (neighbor across the street) & Danny will have a project when this weather clears up.

Ya know, I didn't do my 'Not Me Monday' b/c the day went by & I totally forgot, but I have a few good ones for next week!

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AmandaHoyt said...

Happy Sunday, Amie!
I've given you an award - go check it out on my blog.