Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday again, so time for another 'Not Me Monday'!
For those of you who are either new to my blog or didn't read my last 'Not Me Monday' post, this is a list of all the things I did not do this week! 
I did not clean Davis' room yesterday & find cheerios behind his bed.  I surely did not, b/c everyone knows what a clean freak I am.
I did not sneak bites of Davis' peanut butter pie while watching the UofL game.  Remember, I'm on a diet & I'm pretty sure that pie isn't on my diet.
I did not have 2 baskets of clean clothes sitting in my living room  for the biggest part of the week.  Plus, they were not there unfolded.  NO WAY that was not me.  See, I follow a very strict schedule of washing, drying, & folding laundry. 
I did not fall off the elliptical machine this week b/c I lost my balance... NOPE, you won't find any bruises on me!
I did not bribe my 3 (& 1/2) year old w/ mini cookies to get him out of the house quicker.  I believe it was more like carrots!
I am not sitting here blogging (& smiling) while my sweet little boy is playing so nicely w/ his garbage truck.
This may be the biggest & most personal not me, yet....
I did not take a pregnancy test on Thursday & get a VERY faint positive.  I did not show that said test to my amazing husband & raise his hopes of another 'mini me' baby, just to crush those hopes w/ 3 more tests that ended w/ a BIG FAT NEGATIVE.  See, if I did do that, I wouldn't share it on my blog.  Also, I wouldn't even consider taking another pregnancy test b/c I heard there was a limit of 999 per lifetime.  I've surpassed that limit & I wouldn't want to get in trouble w/ the FDA.

There ya go........there's my 'Not Me's' of the weekend.  Share yours in my comment section.  I'd love to hear about all the things you did not do this week!

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Stephanie said...

Well, I did NOT leave three laundry baskets of unfolded clothes in my bedroom for 4 days this week, either.

The last Not Me was certainly a big one. I've always heard there's no such thing as a false positive...